Merry Christmas

WOW it is almost Christmas again, 2 more days until the 24.

What am I doing for Christmas….well tomorrow the 23 I will leave (hopefully) early from work and go to my parents, where we will change gifts, because my sister and her family and my brother and his family will spend christmas with their in-laws, therefore we will all go to my parents place tomorrow to exchange gifts, and therefore I asked my coworkers that if there is nothing to do, if it would be okay with them that I leave early and as wonderful as they are they said of course that would be okay.

On the 24 I will go to church with my mom and grandmother, we always do this, though one year I decided not to go but I felt that something was missing and now I always go.

For Christmas eve, my mom, dad, me, my uncle, aunt and cousin will all go to my grandmothers and grandfathers place to celebrate Christmas.

Well that is pretty much how I will spend my Christmas day and eve, and on the 26 we will all go to my parents place for Christmas “lunch”, a tradition known in Denmark, where you meet up with friends, families or coworkers for lunch to spend some time together.

I really love Christmas since it is a time for love and families, I have a close relationship with my family, compared to other families in Denmark, we spend a lot of time together, we share the same hobbies and thought all kids have moved out we are often at my parents place to eat, for me I spend time with both my sister and brother like they are some of my best friend.

Christmas is also for me a time of joy and laughter…and now to a little more morbid thing, I know that all that has happened in the last week with the truck in Berlin, we need to remember the joy and love in CHristmas only then will we get past it, and show who ever did it that we will not let them ruin our Christmas.

We will still laugh and have a wonderful time.

And with that  merry-christmas_uxigjbf



 Glædelig jul til alle….Merry Christmas everyone…..Feliz Navidad a todos 
Hope that everyone will have a wonderful Christmas, I know that in many places around the world it’s not Christmas until tomorrow  but in Denmark it is Christmas Eve tonight so merry Christmas