The bright side

Finally the sun is shining again


I have finished my education and can now call myself “Logistic assistant”. It was a long way to get to where I am today, behind me I have one failed education on 6 month, one wrong education on 2 years and then 5 years getting till today, was it worth it.

Yeah I think some of it was worth it, everything I have gone through have molded me into the person I am today, the grown woman I am today, would I have liked not to waste so much time, of course I would have loved that, but that was not what was planned for me.

The next great think that has happened is…I got four-month of employment in the company that has taught me everything about logistics

My mom and me decided that it was time for me to contact my doctor and ask if we could start to get me out of my antidepressant, so now 2 months later I am down on 50 mg, where I before was on 100 mg. I am so happy that I can finally start to get out of it.

But I am also very aware of how I feel, I need to be observant of if I am starting to feel sad again for no apparent reason and so far It’s going good. although I once in a while catch myself in scratching my wrist, not deep or anything I just have my hand on my wrist.

I think that this will for a long time be a problem for me, almost like an addiction, but I will always strive to never let myself come to that point again.

Me coming so far as I have in the past to years makes me feel proud of myself And hopefully in another two years I will be able to help others to overcome their problems.