Merry Christmas

WOW it is almost Christmas again, 2 more days until the 24.

What am I doing for Christmas….well tomorrow the 23 I will leave (hopefully) early from work and go to my parents, where we will change gifts, because my sister and her family and my brother and his family will spend christmas with their in-laws, therefore we will all go to my parents place tomorrow to exchange gifts, and therefore I asked my coworkers that if there is nothing to do, if it would be okay with them that I leave early and as wonderful as they are they said of course that would be okay.

On the 24 I will go to church with my mom and grandmother, we always do this, though one year I decided not to go but I felt that something was missing and now I always go.

For Christmas eve, my mom, dad, me, my uncle, aunt and cousin will all go to my grandmothers and grandfathers place to celebrate Christmas.

Well that is pretty much how I will spend my Christmas day and eve, and on the 26 we will all go to my parents place for Christmas “lunch”, a tradition known in Denmark, where you meet up with friends, families or coworkers for lunch to spend some time together.

I really love Christmas since it is a time for love and families, I have a close relationship with my family, compared to other families in Denmark, we spend a lot of time together, we share the same hobbies and thought all kids have moved out we are often at my parents place to eat, for me I spend time with both my sister and brother like they are some of my best friend.

Christmas is also for me a time of joy and laughter…and now to a little more morbid thing, I know that all that has happened in the last week with the truck in Berlin, we need to remember the joy and love in CHristmas only then will we get past it, and show who ever did it that we will not let them ruin our Christmas.

We will still laugh and have a wonderful time.

And with that  merry-christmas_uxigjbf


The bright side

Finally the sun is shining again


I have finished my education and can now call myself “Logistic assistant”. It was a long way to get to where I am today, behind me I have one failed education on 6 month, one wrong education on 2 years and then 5 years getting till today, was it worth it.

Yeah I think some of it was worth it, everything I have gone through have molded me into the person I am today, the grown woman I am today, would I have liked not to waste so much time, of course I would have loved that, but that was not what was planned for me.

The next great think that has happened is…I got four-month of employment in the company that has taught me everything about logistics

My mom and me decided that it was time for me to contact my doctor and ask if we could start to get me out of my antidepressant, so now 2 months later I am down on 50 mg, where I before was on 100 mg. I am so happy that I can finally start to get out of it.

But I am also very aware of how I feel, I need to be observant of if I am starting to feel sad again for no apparent reason and so far It’s going good. although I once in a while catch myself in scratching my wrist, not deep or anything I just have my hand on my wrist.

I think that this will for a long time be a problem for me, almost like an addiction, but I will always strive to never let myself come to that point again.

Me coming so far as I have in the past to years makes me feel proud of myself And hopefully in another two years I will be able to help others to overcome their problems.


Just saying “get over it”…is not always enough


I want to tell about something that has been my life for the past 2-3 years…depression and self harm

Just 6 month ago I used to self harm myself….I used to Schacht my own wrist and when it became too much I would cut myself.

It all started when I began in college when I got into a new class, in the beginning there weren’t any problems but slowlyI became unhappy, I started to skip school and say I was sick. Later on when my emotions became to hard to handle I would scratch myself on the wrist, just because it was a lot easier felling real pain than the pain and sadness within myself.

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My little Angel 


Here is our little Angel….my twin sisters baby girl her name is Anna and she is so adorable ❤❤ 

She was born this Sunday a little after 5 a clock 🕔 she is 4200 kg and 55 cm,  she is rather big and can already hold her own head really well 😘🌹🍼


So I haven’t been posting anything lately but I have been really stressed out, because we are celebrating my granpa birthday this saturday (he is turning 70) and I have been out shopping with my mom, making my own nails yesterday I made my sister-in-Laws nails and either today or tomorrow I will be finishing them with nailpolish and I also have to make my nieces nails….Friday I will be helping my granma set the taples and then either late Friday or early saturday I will have to finish my own nail with a new layor of nail polish……Oh and in between all this I have to go to the hairdresser to morrow and I Work until four a clock everyday…..So I just fell a Little bit stressed because everything have to be made after 4:30 everyday   But well I am looking forward to saturday, a lot of my Family will come that I don’t see that often