Changing my blog

I will start to write my blog posts in both my native language…Danish and in English 

This I want to do because I want to reach a lot of people.

Therefor from now on it will first be written in english and then in Danish 


Just saying “get over it”…is not always enough


I want to tell about something that has been my life for the past 2-3 years…depression and self harm

Just 6 month ago I used to self harm myself….I used to Schacht my own wrist and when it became too much I would cut myself.

It all started when I began in college when I got into a new class, in the beginning there weren’t any problems but slowlyI became unhappy, I started to skip school and say I was sick. Later on when my emotions became to hard to handle I would scratch myself on the wrist, just because it was a lot easier felling real pain than the pain and sadness within myself.

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Sorry I have been absent for the last couple of weeks, but everything have been quite hectic with Work, Family and myself (sorry not to be narcissistic)

I promise I will soon write a longer post I already have something I want to write about but I just don’t have the time


But here is a Picture while you wait for me




I promise I will be faster than that 😉