Love me if you dare – review

So I just watched the drama called “Love me if you dare”


and I love It.


The Drama is about Jian Yao who takes on a job as the assistant for the criminal psychologist Simon Bo. He only takes on the most violent crimes involving sereal killers.

What happens along in the show is that, Simon who helped America catch one of their most violent serial killer slowly starts to realise that through the crimes he and Jian Yao is solving, someone is actually trying to communicate with him.

Of course you can’t have a drama without a little romance, and of course this drama is no different from the rest, for everyone who is used to watch asian dramas it’s pretty obvious who is going to fall in love with who.

what I really like about the drama is that it’s a good mix between romance and crime. Normally I mostly like Romance dramas.

I like that there Is a read line through the whole drama, there is different crimes that gets solved over one or two episodes, well this is mostly in the beginning og the drama, but even with these different crime stories, there is also one big crime story in the back, the one that evolves around Simon Bo.

But if I have to say one thing I don’t like about the drama, it will be that, when the chinese characters in the drama is talking to the american characters, that talk in chinese while the americans speak english, well I’m not complaining i always think it sounds funny when either one try to speak in each others language, but maybe a subtle explanation to why they can understand each other, I just found it really funny in the beginning, later on you get used to it.

But I think that is the only thing that bothers me about it….so my conclusion is that it’s a really good drama, a plus for me is also that it’s not to long, 24 episodes for me is a good number of episodes, not to little and not to many.

I highly recommend it for those who like asian dramas



Merry Christmas

WOW it is almost Christmas again, 2 more days until the 24.

What am I doing for Christmas….well tomorrow the 23 I will leave (hopefully) early from work and go to my parents, where we will change gifts, because my sister and her family and my brother and his family will spend christmas with their in-laws, therefore we will all go to my parents place tomorrow to exchange gifts, and therefore I asked my coworkers that if there is nothing to do, if it would be okay with them that I leave early and as wonderful as they are they said of course that would be okay.

On the 24 I will go to church with my mom and grandmother, we always do this, though one year I decided not to go but I felt that something was missing and now I always go.

For Christmas eve, my mom, dad, me, my uncle, aunt and cousin will all go to my grandmothers and grandfathers place to celebrate Christmas.

Well that is pretty much how I will spend my Christmas day and eve, and on the 26 we will all go to my parents place for Christmas “lunch”, a tradition known in Denmark, where you meet up with friends, families or coworkers for lunch to spend some time together.

I really love Christmas since it is a time for love and families, I have a close relationship with my family, compared to other families in Denmark, we spend a lot of time together, we share the same hobbies and thought all kids have moved out we are often at my parents place to eat, for me I spend time with both my sister and brother like they are some of my best friend.

Christmas is also for me a time of joy and laughter…and now to a little more morbid thing, I know that all that has happened in the last week with the truck in Berlin, we need to remember the joy and love in CHristmas only then will we get past it, and show who ever did it that we will not let them ruin our Christmas.

We will still laugh and have a wonderful time.

And with that  merry-christmas_uxigjbf


 Glædelig jul til alle….Merry Christmas everyone…..Feliz Navidad a todos 
Hope that everyone will have a wonderful Christmas, I know that in many places around the world it’s not Christmas until tomorrow  but in Denmark it is Christmas Eve tonight so merry Christmas 

One OK Rock – Again this year

Don’t know how to control my excitement about going to the One Ok Rock Concert in Hamburg tomorrow.

Not only are me and My best friend and I going, but we will also meet and get a signed CD and pictures with them, Yes I have bought us the VIP Meet and Greet tickets.



I will write about the concert on Thursday when we are back and relaxed from two days in Hamburg.


Summer Plans

Well on October 31 we held my nephews 8 birthday.


A few years back when I came home from a trip to Spain with my school, I went with my sister-in-law to pick him up from a birthday party and he was quite mad at me because he wanted to with me next time I was going to travel, but I could not take him because the next trip I would take would also be with my school, and therefore I promised him that when he turns 10 I would take him travelling.

So I have made a change in those plans, because when I look at my life right now I don’t know where I will be in 2 years since I really want to work in another country than Denmark, therefore I talked with my mom and dad if they thought that he would be old enough now….guess what they think he is.

So for his birthday I made him a small suitcase with an old plane ticket, a city map, money etc. all things that was needed for travelling.

He was a bit confused, but then I asked him if he wanted to go with me to Prague this sommer…I almost went deaf when he screamed yes.

So know we are slowly planning what to se and when to go.