My obsession with K-Pop


Well I have been into Kpop for almost 10 years….what is Kpop you might ask…well Kpop is Korean Pop (logical right (^_^))

It all started with my sister sending me a video with a band called Super Junior I can’t remember which one it might have been “don’t don” because it was one of their first MV she was quite astonished that they had 13 members, but well yeah we actually liked the sound so we started searching for more and we found TVXQ, later we found this amazing Korean drama called Goong, I think that the last time I watched it, it was my fifth time watching it and I still love it.

After then the obsession just grew bigger and bigger I started to get biases in the different bands make a sort of a bias list at least when it comes to the band because I don’t think that I can make a real Bias list the only thing I know is that Leeteuk from Super Junior is the first, though He wasn’t alway my top Bias for many many years it was Sungmin from Super Junior but at a point I started to like Leeteuk even more (and no it’s not because Sungmin got married, I don’t like someone for being single I know that I will never meet them, Hello I live in Denmark they live in Korea that is almost on the other side of the world I am not a Saesang fan)

But as you might have guessed Super Junio is 1st on my list of favorite Kpop band next comes Big Bang and then it just goes on.

But why do I like Kpop, when I can’t even understand the language.

Well I learned a long time ago that music is the language of the world meaning that even if you don’t understand you can still listen to it because you can enjoy the sound no matter what (and there is something called subtitles)

I also had a singer from a band called 2ne1 that once said music doesn’t need a language and I think she couldn’t be more right.
But I don’t just listen to Kpop it just started out there, then we started listening to Jpop (can you guess it….its Japanese pop) the first band I think was Arashi or maybe it was N.E.W.S can’t remember.

Know I also listens to

  • Jrock
  • V-kei
  • Oshare-Kei
  • Thai
  • Chinese
  • Taiwanese

Practically anything I think sounds great I don’t judge on the language I like most of it, but there is also music I don’t like, it’s not like I listen to every Kpop band there is, there are also band whose music is not really for me.

My biggest dream when it comes to K-Pop is to one day go to a Super Junior concert when they are all back together or maybe a SM-Town concert that way I will be able to hear Super Junior, Shinee, EXO, TVXQ, SNSD and F(X) that would be the best, but well so far that has not been possible, but maybe one day I will go ^-^


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