Just love my tattoo

  This is my new tattoo and also my first tattoo.
I want to tell you a bit more about why I choose this tattoo.

As I told earlier I am suffering from a depression with self harm as a consequence….this is actually the wrist that I have been scratching and cutting.

Every time I got hot and started sweating my skin often gets red and the scar would be visible as these dark spots, it would make me embarrassed, down and guilty and therefore I decided that now was the time to get the tattoo as a part of my journey to get better.

The reason behind the text “fall down seven times stand up eight” means for me that no matter how many times life gets me down and I just want to end it all I always have to stand up that last time. Always stand up that last time and say no I am strong I won’t give up.

This is my advice for everyone that is struggling with something…..always remember to stand up that last time, no matter how many times you “fall” always get up one more time wether it be that you fall 100 times or a 1000 times, then stand up 101 times and 1001 times always remember you are strong and you are beautiful no matter what others say.


Tell me what you think of it, and if you also have a tattoo that means something special


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