A time to remember

Today is a day to remember that 1 year ago 340 people lost their lives in the Sewol Ferry tragedy in South Korea, most of them being students from Danwon High School.


It was a tragedy that will follow the country for a long time.

I still remember when it happened had school that day, and I remember that I was following the news closely all day every time we had a break I would check the internet to see if there were any news

I prayed for the victims to be rescued and return home safely to their families and I cried for the families that never got a loved one back home.


I don’t feel like I need to describe what happened because I don’t want to remember the accident but rather the people.

As said a lot of the victims )to be precise were teenager from Danwon High School they were on a school trip

These are who we need to remember, these bright stars now shining on the sky looking over their families and friends.



Other we need to remember is the people who will never see their loved one again

like e.x. the students who lost their classmates….or the boyfriend who lost his girlfriend (guy on the floor in the right corner holding a picture of his girlfriend)


Here is a class from the Dawon High School after the accident, they are holding pictures of the classmates they lost.


We need to remember the kids who no longer get to fulfill their dreams for their future…..like Bin Ha-Young who wanted to become an illustrator or Moon Ji-Sung who wanted to become a flight attendant and like those two the other also had dreams for the future


So let’s all



One more thing….I recommend that everyone sees the picture on http://widerimage.reuters.com/story/bedrooms-of-the-remembered its pictures that tells more about those who were lost and left behind, I almost cried while reading it




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