Solar Eclipse – International Day of Happiness


So today there almost were a complete solar eclipse over Denmark.

They say that the sun was covered 80-85% by the moon…..but unfortunately I could not see it, for the first I didn’t have the protection glasses and the second it was way to cloudy where I live…bummer, but well that’s life.

We could at least sense that the sun was covered because it became a Little bit colder and darker outside.

International Day of Happiness

Other than this being the day where the moon covers the sun….it’s also the International Day of Happiness….So be Happy everyone and enjoy your weekend, I know I will because tomorrow I will go shopping with my best friend and sunday is my Mothers birthday.

Here is a link for the official page for The International Day of Happiness – Check it out and get Involved….I will 😃
Here is two of my favorite songs that always brings a smile on my face 😃🌹

TVXQ – Balloon


Super Junior – Happiness



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