wiiii….I got my album

Finally I got my album from One Ok Rock last Friday…Sorry I haven’t posted about it but we celebrated my grandfathers 70 birthday this weekend


But well now I have listened to it a couple of times and therefore I would like to share my opinion on it

Well over all I love the album, but there is of course also some I don’t like

There is only one song I’m not so fond of….maybe some have already guessed it because it’s a number that many don’t like…..yes it’s Paperplane. I don’t think it sounds like a One Ok Rock song its a bit to pop maybe if it was Arashi or mabye a Vkei band that was singing it I would like it more, because the song is good but it’s really not a One Ok Rock.

But then Again the rest of the album I really like

They have picked two of my favorite song from their previous album, Mighty Long Fall and Decision to put on their new album so I can’t wait to see them perform them Again.

My favorite song has to be Memories I like the sound of it and its easy to sing along to, the chorus is addicting and I think the meaning behind the song is that we don’t need to chase after someone and just need to turn them into memories and start to notice the thing around us.

Another song I really like is Heartache, the reason why I like this is because of the sound, because when you hear the lyrics it’s another lovesong about regret….not that I’m saying its bad, it has a good text but it’s mostly the sound that has me captivated about this one

But well I like all the song just not Paperplane But maybe if I listen to it more it will start to grow on me.


But well I did buy the limited edition so that means that I got some extra things

One thing was the secret track….at first I couldn’t find it but then it was playing while I was cleaning and then I got to the last track and I didn’t stop it and suddenly it started playing again….it was the secret track.

Its hidden about 5-10 min. after track 13…..I really don’t know how to explain it…but here goes. It sounds like they had some extra time in the studio while recording the album and they agreed on making a fun track where Taka sings in a weird voice and the rest played along to it….its really a fun track and the first 2 times I listened to it, I was laughing because it sounded so fun….but I really like it because it sounds like they had a fun time making it.


The other bonus on the limited edition was the DVD.

That I saw the same day as I got the album…Did’t listen to it because I got home really late and the day after we was celebrating my grandpa 70th birthday.

Well back to the album….on the DVD there is a Studio Jam Session of Mighty Long Fall and Decision and as I already said I really like both song, so as you already might have guessed I liked the DVD, I was totally mesmerized by it when I watched it the first time I was just staring at the computer and listening to them sing….I think personally that I sounded different from their MV’s and live, the song were more….dont know how to describe it….mabye soulfull…still sound wrong.

But well there is only one thing I think is wrong about the DVD….Why wasn’t the Studio Jam Session of Heartache and MV of Cry Out not on the DVD.


But well my opinion on the album is good and I can’t wait to see them again tis year, when they are holding their Europe to, just waiting for the dates to I can start planning



What is your opinion on the album???

And what is your favorite song by One Ok Rock??


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