“Hygge” how to explain

The Danish “hygge” one of the hardest thing for a Dane to explain but I will give it a try.


In Denmark we have this Word that we use in different kind of situations, the Word is Hygge or Hyggeligt.

Its a word that can be used for when you are together with friends or family, we use it when we are in a situation where we feel good, when there is a certain mood…WOW it really is hard to explain, since there is no English word to match it….Well I will try to put it in a sentence “Hey why don’t you come over then we can ‘hygge'(chill, hang out, just be together)” in this sentence it is used in a way where you try to say that you want to spend time with a friend or a family member and just have a good time and be together, without maybe doing much.

the other word “hyggeligt” is for either telling someone about that you were with you friend of family yesterday and it was nice/hyggeligt, it can also be used in a future sentence where you try to maybe tell something about that you are going to a party with your friend and it’s going to be “hyggeligt”


A lot of people who comes to Denmark and learn a bit of the Danish language, actually say that they like the word hygge because it’s a way to describe a sort of mood there is when you are with other people or even by yourself, but it’s mostly always when you are feeling really good, people often say that it’s a word that is missing in their only language.


This might make some sence into what I have been telling, but well its still not the right way to describe hygge but I don’t think there is a right way to describe it but this gets pretty close, but next time you are in a situation where you are feeling very relaxed, at ease and just really happy, think about “Is this hygge” because it might be c351



Well this was my quick talk about the Danish word hygge, I don’t know if it made sence because as said its a really, really hard word to explain, I once tried explaining it to my Australian friends and that went okay, but that might be because I was sitting next to them, but I hope this gave you a view of the Danish word Hygge



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