A new perspective!!


About a month ago i discovered that the   daughter Mathob in “Not without my daughter” has written a book herself, so I immediately found it on my library’s homepage and put in a sersevation (the book in English is called “The needful threads”, Sorry I could only find the Danish cover for it)

And about two weeks ago it finally came and yesterday I finished the last chapter and therefor I would like to tell about what I thonk of the book

1. I find it absolutely amazing (sorry that I use that Word a lot)

It’s been years since I read “Not Wthout my Daughter” anf “For the Love of my Child” I really loved both book, because they show that eventhough life might be hard we should never give up, because there might be better times ahead if we keep on fighting.

The third book (if you can call it that) is showing the same thing but in a different way, because here we get the perspective of a child, how a child experienced it all.

Mathob is in her 30’s when she writes the book about how she experienced being kidnapped by her own father, many times in the book you can fell the hate she has for her father and what he did to her mother and herself. it’s a hate I think most would fell towards someone who has harmed you or one you love, It doesn’t have to be en the way that Mathob’s father harm her and her Family it might be in another way.

This book is different from the two other, because here we read a lot more about what happened to them after they made it back to America and how Mathob tried to live a normal life, despise the constant involvment of her father. Because we see how her father keep interfering in her life, how he always try to contact her. Mathob and her mother moves several times throughout the book.

The book is situated in Mathob’s home where she is looking through boxes of old memorys and as she pulls the Things out she tells stories of how she has pend her life after coming back, how she constantly feared her father finding her both for the safety of her Family, herself and her friends (she always fears her father might make her a victim of a Honor Kill). She tells about how she always wanted to study the mind and therefor the desided to go to college and university (I think the reason why the “mind” facinates her is because of her father, mabye she always wanted to find a reason for why he acted the way he did (pssst. Little Spoiler She figures something out, but if you wan’t to know, you will have to read the book))

In the book she also writes about he fight with Lupus and how hard it sometimes is on her, but she never let it get her Down.

2. The book is definitly woth reading, I have even made my mom read it (after Work today I will go visit the so she can get it)

It teaches us that we have to keep fighting, but also that we have to forgive, the book alctually end with a very special sentence (sorry I’m translating it from Danish into English, so it might not be 100 % correct)

“….I have forgiven my father. I am not a bitter slave of hatred)

That particular sentence is one of my favorites, because it means that it’s better to forgive (and forget as she in some way did) than to fill your life with hate.

3: The last chapter…chaper 33, is the most upsetting one to read (I think), because in this chaper she read some letters between her father and her uncle, I won’t tell much about those because I think they are one of the climax’ in the book.

If i Have to give it stars for how good it was I will give it 4½/5  

It was hard to put it away ‘most of the times’, but sometimes it just didn’t catch my attention, but I definitely recommend it to all that has read the other two, and to thos that haven’t READ THEM ALL, they are worth it


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