Super excited

So the band I went to see at a concert in Hamburg in December, is fianlly out with their new MV. it’s called CRY OUT….oh forgot to tell that the band is called One Ok Rock, and they are super cool, they are a Japanese band but a lot of their songs a actually in English, then they often have a verse or a chorus in japanese, so that is pretty awesome.

I have already bought their new album, but I won’t get it until NeXT month, becuse it’s not until…I think febuary 12…but don’t remember, and then it also have to come all the way from Japan so don’t really now when I will have it…but I am super excited to get it, because I bought the special edition with a DVD included.

I went to their concert in Hamburg in December last year with my best friend it was thei Mighty Long Fall tour (another really cool song and one of my favorite besides Be the Ligth and C.H.A.O.S.M.Y.T.H.), we went to Hamburg instead of Copenhagen because we live only about 2 hours from Hamburg but 4 hours from Copenhagen and we decided that we will go to their concert Again this year if they come to the same place, because the venue (Grosse Freiheit 36) had a really great feeling about it.

The band consist of Taka (lead singer) Toru (guitar) Ryouta (Bass) and Tomo/Tomoya (Drums) the band was formed in 2005 and since then thay have just been gaining more and more popularity around the World.

And I will recomend everyone that likes music that has a Little bit of rock to it and don’t mind that they don’t always understand it (it is possible to with the lyrics translated to English) to check them out, you might be as hooked on them that I am….and mabye you might also want to go their concert this year.



2 thoughts on “Super excited

  1. Ooooh you bought the Limited Edition one? Will you let us know how the Secret Track sounds like? ^^

    And, hi, One OK Rock fan from Indonesia, here. Sorry for jumping in the comment ^^


    • I am really happy to meet another One Ok Rock fan since they are a awesome Group

      yep….I was so Lucky that I got my hands on one of them, since they were sold out really quick ^-^
      And to your question I can only say, sure I was actually planning on making a review on the entire album, to let people know how it is.


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