The terrors of Utøya


Well I wan’t make like a review of the best but also the most horrendeous book i read in 2014.

The book it self is from 2012, it’s written by Siri Marie Sønsteile, and it’s called “jeg lever far” (in English it translates to “I’m alive dad”)

Siri is onw of the Young people surviving the massacre on Utøya, Norway in 2011, it’s the place where there died 69 people, most of them teenagers.

Siri is writing about how everything was great they were all enjoying their summer at Utøya until Anders Behring Breivik, entered the Island, and it all turned in to their worst nightmare, she is telling us about how they were fearing for their lives and trying to not be seen, how she sees her frrinds die.

We also hear about the happening, from her fathers point of view, how the parents experinced not being capable to do anything, while their kids were trapped on the Island.

The book also tells about how some of the other survivors experienced the massacre and what they did to survive.

I really recomend people to read it, because it gives a different view of wat happened so far we all just heard about it in the news, but this lets us get close to the people involwed, to what they were feeling.

It is definitly a book that hits my top 5. of the best books i read in 2014



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